We can imagine situations in which animals don't want to imprint their steps. Just like it, humans long for invisibility sometimes. With the Internet taking such an important role in our lives- we use it for pastime, education, work- privacy there is equally important as in the offline world.

Incognito mode is a setting for Internet browsers that, when turned on, can prevent your history from being recorded and stored. To some extent, this option keeps you anonymous. However, the benefits are numerous and we are listing some of them.


Once you close the Incognito tab, all of your search histories would vanish. As a result, you can feel comfortable when other people are around. For instance, when you purchase a gift online for your significant other, you don't have to bother whether they will find out. When doing a job hunt, or doing a health search, going incognito will prevent information from being displayed again in your search. Take care of your privacy.


This feature is perfect for multitasking, allowing you to have multiple tabs open at the same time. You can also be logged into different accounts, emails, etc. simultaneously, enjoying comfort.

Prevents cookies

If you opt for private searching, cookies won't be saved. Online cookies are, instead of chocolate chips, stuffed with your data. Not only do they serve as flags to the websites, showing you visited and what you were looking for, but also as reminders of your search to you. Your interest is accumulated, and by the complex algorithms, presented to you whenever possible. In the regular mode, everything you searched for is stored using cookies. So, if you want your browsing to stay objective, consider turning on this safety feature.

Appearing like a new visitor

You may have heard that once you purchase the flight ticket, the price will increase the next time. The airlines are said to be increasing prices when they recognize you through cookies. Whether you can travel further on the next vacation or not, appearing like a new visitor, with a new identity, can benefit you in many ways.


Social media systems are master attention keepers. We are even more skilled in procrastination though. We are attracted by the content related to our interests when the concentration is low. Using the Incognito mode, you will be less likely to watch another video on YouTube since you will not be getting as many tempting suggestions as you would in the regular mode.

Shared devices

When you share devices with family members or friends, using private browsing should be a rule. It is not only that everyone's different interests would affect the browse of the other members. What is comfortable for you, may not be for the others. Children, for example, may understand things differently.
The same rule should apply for public computers. When you utilize them, make sure to go incognito, so you keep your search private.